What Was I Thinking???

When I first signed up for Changing Faces’ Face Your Fears: Stand-Up Comedy challenge, it seemed a fun way to raise money for a cause I care deeply about.

That was last month. Tomorrow I begin my three-day training in stand-up comedy with Logan Murray and I am scared stiff. What have I got myself into? I don’t know the first thing about stand-up and I’m woefully unprepared for what is to come.

Bookaholic as I am, I purchased a copy of Logan Murray’s book, Get Started in Stand-Up Comedy, but I barely got past the introduction before my anxiety got so bad I had to put the book down to calm my nerves.IMG_1676

Friends have been keen to offer me some ‘good advice’ on how to prepare: ‘watch lots of Michael McIntyre on YouTube and you’ll see how it’s done.’

Unfortunately, watching famous comedians in action has only made me more frightened of getting up on stage on Sunday evening.

For there’s no way in the world I am capable of doing what they are doing!

What makes this terrifying challenge worthwhile, of course, is the amazing support I’ve received from family, friends, teachers and parents at my daughters’ school, acquaintances and even strangers, to my fundraising adventure.

Every penny I raise goes directly to Changing Faces, and at the time of writing, that means I’m giving £1,900.00 to this fantastic organisation, whose tireless work makes a real difference to thousands of adults and children with conditions or injuries that affect their appearance.

stage-1015654_1920So as I make my stand-up comedy debut this weekend, I will remind myself of the extraordinary generosity of everyone who’s supported my campaign.

And if I survive Sunday night’s public humiliation, then I can honestly say I’ve faced my fears!




2 thoughts on “What Was I Thinking???

  1. daphneradenhurst December 10, 2015 / 4:20 pm

    I think you are so brave to do this. You may even discover a hidden talent.


  2. Julia McCutchen December 10, 2015 / 5:12 pm

    I recommend using all that you’ve learned about Conscious Writing to help you prepare for this Jenny. Recognize your fears as a product of your everyday self and take time before you start to relax and energise your body, open up positive emotion, clear space in your mind and connect to the greater awareness beyond your everyday self.

    The mudra sequence could be of assistance to bring you into alignment with the ‘big picture’ perspective of your true self as well as the wonderful contribution that facing your fears will make to the people whose lives are transformed by the work that Changing Faces does. Focusing on that will help you to speak from your heart no matter what the circumstances. Enjoy!


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