Wise Words About Cleft

Yesterday I came across a Facebook post about clefts, written by Lisa Wyzlic, founder of
A Cleft Mommy’s Bond of Friendship, an international support group for cleft families, which touched me so much that I’ve chosen to post it in full (with Lisa’s kind permission) to my blog this week.  doll-copy
As it turns out, life begins with a cleft….


“Did you know? 

Every single one of us starts out with a cleft! Yes, that’s correct, all of us! A cleft is defined as a hole or indention in any part of the body. During 5 – 8 weeks gestation, the skull is being formed. It begins from the back of the head and wraps around with the nose and mouth closing last. It is when this closure doesn’t come together that a cleft is formed. 

A cleft can occur in the brain, eye, on the fingers and toes, your buttocks which is referred to as a sacral dimple, chin, face known as a tessier cleft or anywhere else! Those dimples you might have? A cleft too!!

Some clefts need little to no repair or work done while other types such as tessier, lip, palate, nose, eye will need many surgeries and therapies. A variation of all or some of these clefts can happen and makes each child born with a cleft unique and beautiful! 

A child born with a cleft has the most beautiful smile, the brightest of eyes, the biggest of hearts and the strength of a lion! A child born with a cleft faces many hurdles and needs love and support not judgment and ridicule. Questions are welcome, rude comments and staring is not! Raising awareness to cleft families is important and we love educating others so just ask!”

Written with love by:
Lisa Wyzlic
A Cleft Mommy’s Bond of Friendship Founder

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