A Holiday Season of Smiles

On my return from Smile Train‘s Journey of Smiles to Guatemala in October, I set up a Just Giving page with the aim of raising £2,000 on behalf of Smile Train, and it gives me enormous pleasure to report that thanks to the generous donations received, I have now exceeded that target. As of Monday this week, the amount raised stood at £2,313.07, and I’ve also honoured my pledge to match the total amount donated.


Thank you to each and everyone who made this fundraising initiative such a success, I am deeply grateful and humbled by your generosity, which will directly benefit at least thirty children in need of cleft repair.

Last week I attended Smile Train UK‘s Christmas Carols Concert in London, and I’d like to share with you a poem read by an 8-year old Smile Train supporter at the event, which beautifully illustrates the power of a smile.

A smile_dsc5672

is a frown turned upside down.

A smile

is painted on the face of a clown.

A smile

brightens a dreary day.

A smile

chases tears away.

A smile_dsc6328-copy

is a gift that shows you care.

A smile

is priceless no matter where.

A smile

is the key to happiness.

A smile

a sure sign of success.

When you feel lonely in a strange place.

It helps to see a smile on another’s face.

If there is any real magic around.

It is the silent magic of a smile’s sound.

(A smile by Kurt Hearth)


Happy Holidays! 

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