Channeling My Inner Minerva

Remember the good old days of Brexit? Remember how upset we were about losing our privileges as European citizens, and how we worried about lorries packed with food and medicine supplies getting stuck in Calais?

I never thought I’d say this, but I miss Brexit.

Heck, I even miss Theresa May, the short-lived prime minister who failed in just about everything she set out to do. Still, I’d rather have her as the PM than the bumbling, blustering Boris Johnson.

But seriously, this morning I was close to tears as I walked down the aisles of our local supermarket, staring at empty shelves. Rumours that London is about to be closed down by the end of this week, has everyone scrambling to fill their fridges and freezes with food to last until who knows when.

Schools are closing across the UK tomorrow and on Monday morning I will commence a whole new chapter in my life, and that of my kids: home schooling.

In an effort to defuse the inevitable tension that will ensue, I intend to channel my inner Minerva, which means showing up for ‘class’ in the living room dressed as Professor McGonagall, the head of Gryffindor House. I’ve already got the hat and the wand to complete my transformation into the stern disciplinarian.

We’re living in strange and unsettling times, and there are moments when I feel as if I am a character in a big budget disaster film, the kind I once dismissed as preposterous fiction.

What will the world look like at the end of this pandemic? Will we all just go back to business as usual, or will we have changed sufficiently to appreciate that for the sake of planetary and human health, we need to make significant and permanent changes to our way of life? If we don’t, this Coronavirus pandemic will go to history as merely a dress rehearsal for what came after.

So stay safe and sane, and be kind to yourself and to others around you.


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